ReAnimator At The Office

ReAnimator At The Office

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There's a good chance that if you're reading this blog, you're someone who appreciates great coffee. Whether you buy beans from us online, come in to one of our shops, or buy specialty coffee elsewhere -- you at least understand that coffee which is cared for along the entire supply chain can be transformative. You know that the decision between commercial grade coffee and specialty grade coffee can make the difference between a regular morning, and a great one. 

It’s one thing to enjoy carefully roasted, well brewed coffee at home or in a cafe during your free time. But what about at work? Your office has coffee… so why not have great coffee? 

Throughout the growth of ReAnimator, we've periodically been approached by offices of varying sizes and focuses to provide specialty coffee for their in-house coffee program. These are companies who understand the many benefits to having a well-established coffee program in their office. It’s one of those small things that can make a huge difference to both the staff and the customers and clients who visit.

For a lot of offices, using ReAnimator mainly boils down to buying beans for use in the office machine. This is easy, and we can help ensure great results by giving you recommended brewing parameters and grind sizes. 

Need something a little more in depth? Maybe you want to implement a brand new coffee program, with the right gear for your individual office, ensuring amazing coffee without brewing headaches. We’re here to help with that too. We can consult with you, and help you find and order exactly the equipment you need for your unique setup. 

Whether you simply want to purchase coffee from us at our special office pricing, or you want to work with us to establish a more fleshed out coffee program (with consultation on equipment, brewing methods, and recipes), we can make ReAnimator Coffee work with your office. 

Ordering is simple. Once we set up your account, your office can log in to with your custom user ID, and you’ll automatically be shown your office pricing on every item in the web shop. Place your order, and the coffee is shipped to you. Done deal. 

If you’d like to start serving ReAnimator Coffee in your office, and receive our office discount, just contact us through our wholesale form, and we’ll get you set up.

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