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Kenya Kiamagumo Peaberry

Kenya Kiamagumo Peaberry

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Whole Bean or Ground

How Much Coffee Do I Need?

10oz Bag = nets ~13 cups

2lb Bag = nets ~42 cups

5lb Bag = nets ~103 cups

We Taste Candied Grapefruit, Rosemary, Grilled Pineapple
Processing Washed
Region Kirinyaga
Grown By
Various Smallholder Producers
Elevation 1,900 - 2,100 masl
Varieties Ruiru 11, SL 28, and Batian


In most instances, a coffee cherry contains two seeds (aka beans). However, there are some instances where this isn't the case. Peaberry is a naturally occurring mutation of the coffee plant where only one seed forms in each cherry. The resulting seed is smaller, rounder, and more dense than usual. Some believe being the only seed in the cherry allows for a higher degree of absorption of nutrients, creating a sweeter flavor profile.

While we aren't sure if that's universally true, what we can say is that this lot from the Kiamagumo station in Kirinyaga is remarkable in both its sweetness and acidity. This one is not for the acid-averse. We're tasting notes of candied grapefruit, grilled pineapple, and raspberry. However, there's an incredible balance of sweetness and herbaceous notes of white tea and rosemary. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Will My Order Ship?

We roast Monday through Friday, and most orders ship the next roast day from when they are placed.

The only exception is any pre-order item, which will ship on the date stated on that item's pre-order page.

Do You Have Recommendations For Brewing?


First, we recommend a brewing ratio of about 1:17. So whatever your dose of coffee is for a brew (we recommend weighing your coffee in grams), multiply that number by 17, and use that weight of water to brew.

Second, always try to grind your coffee fresh, directly before you brew. This will significantly impact the flavor.

Lastly, and maybe most important, always use the highest quality water you can. Filtered is always best. Coffee is 98.5% water, so the water you use makes a huge difference.

Any other questions? Just drop us a line.

Is ReAnimator Coffee Organic/Fair Trade?

While some of our coffees may happen to be certified organic or fair trade, we do not specifically look for either of these certifications when sourcing coffees, and do not market them as such.

All of our coffees are bought at fixed prices above the c-market, and 99% of the time we are paying higher prices than the Fair Trade Certified price.

Our sourcing goals are always quality and flavor focused, and we buy from producers and importers we trust to provide us with coffee that fits into our ideology.