Our New Bags

Our New Bags

We are excited to announce our brand new retail packaging.

About The Design

The new bag is a significant change from the craft paper bags we've been using for the last 7 years. Our original craft bags were born out of necessity. We hand stamped them, and for a small, young company, it was practical and affordable. As we grew, we continually adapted our utilitarian bag design to fit our current needs, first by getting rid of the stamps, and then by moving to the current design, which was a refinement on that same concept. 

ReAnimator is built on the foundation of great coffee, from great producers, and with these new bags we've made the conscious decision to present that information front and center. The new front sticker designs come on a variety of beautiful, country specific colors, and contain more information about the coffee and producer than ever before, while still maintaining a clean, minimal look. This design makes the bags much more accessible and noticeable on the shelf, and allow customers to explore flavor profiles without needing to turn a bag around.



On top of that, the coloring and materials of the new bag are more in line with the aesthetic we've been creating within our shops and through our branding over the years. The craft is gone, replaced with a matte white and black package. This minimalist design is a bit more timeless, and also helps the coffee information sticker to pop even louder. Overall, the new look and feel of the bags more effectively communicates the quality of the coffee inside. The logo elements, old and new, have been redesigned, maintained, and incorporated into the bag, with a feel that is more refined, modern, and premium. 

About The 10oz Size

Back in 2010, when we began roasting, we made the choice to use 12oz bags, which was fairly uncommon at the time. The thought was 12oz was an amount that allowed us to present an accessible price for the coffee being offered, while also not being more coffee than could be used within our recommended range of freshness. Over the years, as you've likely noticed, the 12oz bag has become an industry standard in specialty coffee for those same reasons. 

However, as the specialty coffee industry has changed and developed since 2010, top tier roasters are being given access to higher quality coffees than ever before, and the prices being paid to the famers, cooperatives, and producers is rightfully increasing. 

Our decision to move to a 10oz retail bag is a reflection on the increase in quality we're experiencing in the industry and as a company. The new size will allow us to present really exciting coffees, while also lowering the price of entry to a bag for the customer, making it more accessible. 


We couldn't be more excited about these new bags, and the continued growth and evolution of our small company. Thank you for your support, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. 

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