ReAnimator At Home

How Our Subscriptions Work

We designed our subscription platform to not only be the best way to regularly get freshly roasted coffee to your door, but to also be as easy and convenient to use as possible. 

Our subscriptions are reoccurring, which means you only pay by the bag, as it ships to you. No huge lump sum up front, which also means you’re never locked in. 

For all of our subscriptions, once you set up your initial bag count and frequency of delivery, all management of the subscription is done through your account on our website.

Once you login to your account, you will see a link in your account information that says “Manage My Subscription.” Inside, you’ll see options to view and modify your delivery schedule, change the amount of or type of bag you are receiving, and adjust your delivery frequency. You can also cancel or postpone specific shipments if you know you’re going to be out of town, or update your address if you move or go on vacation.

Single Origin Subscriptions

The flagship subscription from ReAnimator is our Roaster’s Choice Subscription, which sends you a different, hand selected single origin coffee each delivery. Our Director of Coffee and Head Roaster work together to choose the coffees on a weekly basis, so you’re always guaranteed something special. You’ll also be among the first to taste the latest and most exciting new offerings.

Our single origin menu is extremely seasonal, so there’s new arrivals and varieties every few months, allowing you to experience a comprehensive look at the best specialty coffees in the world (at least in our opinion).

Blended Coffee Subscriptions

We also offer each of our blended coffees as a reoccurring subscriptions, allowing you to have all the same benefits of automatic delivery and customization, but with your favorite ReAnimator blend. As an added bonus, you save a bit of money on each shipment with these subscriptions.  

Note: To subscribe to a blend, choose the "Subscribe and Save" option on the product page.

Decaf Subscriptions

And, for the decaf lovers, our decaffeinated single origin coffees are also available as a subscription, with all of the same benefits. Our decafs are always in season, and processed naturally. Simply choose the "Subscribe and Save" option on the product page to begin your subscription.