Types Of Coffee

Single Origin Coffee and Blends

As a specialty coffee roaster, we specialize in two main types of coffee offerings: Single Origin Coffee and Blends. 

Single Origin Coffee

Single origin coffee refers to any coffee that is sourced from a single (get it?) region, farm, co-op, estate, or any other individual coffee-producing entity. Single origin coffees showcase the distinct character and terroir of their individual origin and cultivation. Through the experience of drinking single origin coffees, you can explore the nuanced flavors associated with different regions, varieties, processing methods, and terroirs. 

Coffee Blends

Simply (and maybe obviously) put, coffee blends are combinations of different single origin coffees mixed to create a unique flavor profile. Blending coffee allows us to highlight the best parts of each coffee, with the sum of the parts being a balanced, consistent experience that we can repeat all year long. 

Blends vs Single Origin Coffee

When deciding between a coffee blend or a single origin coffee, consider what you value most in your coffee experience. If you want a consistent, balanced, and complex cup, a coffee blend might be the right choice. On the other hand, if you enjoy exploring unique flavors and value transparency and origin-specific qualities, single origin coffee could be a better option.

Subscribe To Single Origin Coffees or Blends

Ready to start getting fresh coffee delivered? Explore our single origin coffee and blend subscriptions. You can choose your preferred coffee and delivery schedule, and make changes at any time. Our coffee calculator makes it easy to build the right subscription, tailored to your habits.